Valentine's Day Heart Cake

Limited Time Only

Valentine's Day cakes can only be ordered through Sun, Feb 11 we all know who the "real" love of your life is -- your pets!

So why not order a made-fresh, personalized cake to declare your affection to the world! Your pup will adore you (even more) as you celebrate him/her through their tummy this Valentine's day. Say "I Ruff You" with our 4-inch or 6-inch heart shaped caked in your choice of Apple Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin or Vanilla recipes.

Each cake comes with vanilla frosting.

"Happy Valentine's Day" will be written on the cake unless you note that you'd like it changed. Some suggestions we have include "I Ruff You," "Puppy Love," "Puppy Kisses XOXO" or your pet's name with a heart and bone. We only ask that you be realistic in your writing requests so we can fit it all in!


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