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Dog Training

            > This form is the beginning of your enrollment process. Once you complete
               this form, it will be submitted to our trainer. He will contact you directly to
               discuss options and get you enrolled in a class/course!

            > Click the links below for Mark's course/class options
                COURSE OPTIONS PAGE 1
                COURSE OPTIONS PAGE 2
                *Now offering Intro to Nosework, Agility & Off Leash!

            > Our head trainer Mark offers completely free, supervised open doggie playtime
               for dogs of all ages & sizes the following times:
               Every Wednesday at 6:30pm
               Every Friday at 6:30pm
               Every Saturday at 10:15, 11:00 and 11:45am
               Check Availability & Book Now
               Up-to-date immunization or titer report required.
               Only 10 dogs permitted per play session. Pre-registration highly recommended.
               All play sessions contain dogs of mixed sizes. If your dog is size-sensitive, please
                  do not sign up for doggie play sessions.

                  -- A signed liability waiver is required to participate. Print yours here.
                  -- Check out a sample video of doggie play here.

               Due to the popularity of this event, registration is recommended for doggie playtime.
               You can book your playtimes as early as 14 days in advance or as late as up to
               1 hour before the playtime if a slot is available. You can cancel your slot online
               up to 4 hours before the scheduled playtime. If you cannot make a time slot that
               you've booked, please log in again to cancel or contact us to open the slot for another
               person. We reserve the right to revoke online booking privileges of anyone who is a
               "no-show" for doggie playtime.

               To book a doggie playtime, simply click the button below.

            > If you have questions or would like more information about training offered
               at Bag of Bones Barkery, you may contact Mark Yousef, head dog trainer, by:
               PHONE: 609-438-9990
               EMAIL: barkerytrainer@gmail.com