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Wholistic Pet Canine Flax Seed Oil 16oz @ Bag of Bones Barkery - Bag of Bones Barkery

Wholistic Pet Canine Flax Seed Oil 16oz

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The highest quality, cold-pressed flaxseed oil for beautifully healthy skin & coat. Recommended for dogs only.

Wholistic Flax Seed Oil™ is a rich source of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Good health is dependent on EFA’s for normal cell functioning and to produce hormone-like substances necessary for energy metabolism and cardiovascular and immune health. Wholistic Flax Seed Oil™, rich in lignans, is enhanced with rosemary, a powerful antioxidant and non-chemical preservative.

  • Helps provide a beautiful and lustrous sheen in coats
  • Naturally-balanced source of EFAs

For complete product info, including ingredients and directions for use, visit The Wholistic Pet website.

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